Exploration of Indian Yoga Psychology

A blog on the Transpersonal Psychology of Indian Yoga and the Spiritual Genius of India (another blog of the same author – http://integralmusings.aurosociety.org)

New Vistas of Yoga VI – M.S. Srinivasan

Sri Aurobindo and the Mother: Yoga of Integral Transformation The other great modern pioneers in Yoga are Sri Aurobindo and his spiritual collaborator, the Mother. Sri Aurobindo’s integral Yoga accepts … Continue reading

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New Vistas of Yoga V – M.S. Srinivasan

Ramana Maharishi: Yoga of Self-enquiry We have discussed so far the teachings of “preservative evolutionist” in Yoga. We may now move on to what we may call as “innovators” in … Continue reading

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New Vistas of Yoga IV – M.S. Srinivasan

Swami Satyananda Saraswati: Life-enriching Potentialities of Yoga The other great teacher of Yoga who belongs to the category of “evolving traditionalist” is Swami Satyananda, the founder of the Bihar School … Continue reading

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New Vistas of Yoga III – M.S. Srinivasan

Swami Vivekananda: Yoga as Applied Psychology Swami Vivekananda is the first and foremost among those great spiritual pioneers of the modern age who have sparked-off a new religious and spiritual … Continue reading

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New Vistas of Yoga I & II – M.S. Srinivasan

Modern contributions to the science of yoga India is now well-known all over the world as the land which gave birth to the great science of Yoga. But the traditional … Continue reading

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A Thinker and the “Thoughter” – M.S. Srinivasan

Are you a Thinker or a “thoughter”? A thinker generates ideas through conscious contemplation. He has a certain amount of control over his thought process. But the mind of a … Continue reading

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How to Get Guidance from Spiritual Literature – The Mother

Everybody can do it. It is done in this way: you concentrate. Now, it depends on what you want. If you have an inner problem and want the solution, you … Continue reading

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The Conditions for sustained Inner Progress – The Mother

LET us shun the paths that are too easy and ask no effort, the paths which give us the illusion of having reached our goal; let us shun that negligence … Continue reading

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Inner Contemplation and Outer Activity – The Mother

The outer life, the activity of each day and each instant, is it not the indispensable complement of our hours of meditation and contemplation? And is not the proportion of … Continue reading

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Mastering the Subconscious – The Mother

The greatest enemy of a silent contemplation turned towards Thee is surely this constant subconscient registering of the multitude of phenomena with which we come into contact. So long as … Continue reading

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How to be Guided by the Divine Will – The Mother

You have a will and you can offer that will. Take the example of becoming conscious of your nights. If you take the attitude of passive surrender, you would say, … Continue reading

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The Unity-Consciousness: An Experiential Perspective – M.S. Srinivasan

(The highest aim of Indian spirituality and yoga is the realization of Oneness or Unity- Consciousness. All our higher aspirations, like for example, ethics, values, social responsibility or ecological sustainability … Continue reading

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The Path towards Self-Healing: A Yogic Approach – The Mother

(Whatever may be the nature of the ill health or disorder from which we are suffering, we can heal ourselves through a proper use of our consciousness and calling down … Continue reading

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How to Quieten the Mind – Sri Aurobindo

A quiet mind does not involve itself in its thoughts or get run away with by them; it stands back, detaches itself, lets them pass, without identifying itself, without making … Continue reading

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